Benefits of joining the OHYA Studio Directory

The Original Hot Yoga association is uniting our community of Original Hot Yoga studios. Let’s Unite, Support and Promote our studios around the world as the leaders of Original Hot Yoga in our communities. Let’s carry the torch forward to keep our community thriving!  The OHYA studio directory is your chance to  show the world that your studio teaches authentic Original Hot Yoga.

When you join the studio directory you get

  • To upload your studios information, including your logo, website (which will be linked right to your site) address, email and specify Type 1 or 2 status.  This way everyone can find you and see your actual schedule.
  • Access to our private Facebook page where we delve into the business side of our studios to offer support and resources to help your studio stay profitable, and thriving!
  • One FREE listing in our Certified Teachers Directory. (This directory offers a professional organization to stand behind and defend our credentials should the states start to regulate yoga teachers. )There is also no extra fee to apply to advance your levels to 2 or 3, or request approval for teaching furthering education (Approval for teaching furthering education requires you qualify for Level 2.)
  • Access to our monthly conference calls where we review a different aspect to running our business each month, and access to former calls that have been recorded.

Let’s come together and support one another in the most productive and positive way possible.