Benefits of joining the OHYA Studio Directory

The Original Hot Yoga Association is the leading source for finding Original Hot Yoga Studio.

Join the revolution that is committed to see our community move forward and thrive!

1 – Verified Studio Directory – Partner Studios featured on our OHYA Studio Directory are owned by studio owners who are qualified to teach or lead a team of teachers that teach effective OHY classes.  (CBYT/OHYT by OHYA Standards, or the owner has signed the OHYA Approved Classes contract that puts a qualified CBYT Level 2 teacher in charge of all OHY classes)

2 – Partner Seal – The OHYA Partner seal is provided to our members so they can display their partnership on their website/social media, and marketing materials. The seal shows that they meet our standards for membership and shows you provide true OHY classes.

3 – Studio Support – The OHYA community offers continued support of our OHYA Studio Partners, providing forums to ask questions regarding a variety of issues including staff management, budgeting/pricing, software suggestions, or any number of the challenges of OHYA Studio ownership.

4 – Studio Owner Forums – OHYA studio owner forums are offered conveniently via zoom, providing a resource to connect virtually, to learn/discuss best practices, or to have conversations that give us the tools we need to succeed and to take our skills to the next level. **In 2024 we are offering quarterly Studio Owner Roundtables on hot topic issues for our community.

5 – Professional Standards – Support the organization that created the OHYA Teacher Directory Standards, an organization that provides our community with a professional teacher standard alternative thus offering confidence that the OHYA Approved Training attended has met the qualifications and highest standards.

6 – Private support and connection with OHYA- strength in numbers from the network of studios that keeps our community thriving via our private FB group or reach out to our leadership team via email for urgent issues.

7 – Teacher Training Application and Process – The application and process needed to get your OHYA Teacher Training approved and ensures all standards are met.

9 – Studio Owner Retreats: OHYA offers both virtual and in person retreats depending on the year.  The only way to access our retreats is through OHYA Studio membership. 

10 – Access to our Preferred Partners, often offering additional discounts to our members only. 

11 – Preferred Partner presentations, offered privately to our community so you can learn about the latest software companies and others offering services to our community.