Approved Teacher Training

The mission of OHYA Approved Teacher Trainings

The mission of OHYA Approved Teacher Trainings, is to provide our studios with the next generation of highly qualified and effective Original Hot Yoga (26&2) teachers.  Look for the OHYA Approved Teacher Training seal on any training so you know that you will potentially have access to teaching in OHYA Studios worldwide, and joining the OHYA Teacher Directory as an Intern.

Original Hot Yoga Association’s Commitment

OHYA is committed to the standards we’ve established to create highly trained teachers who can easily integrate into our OHYA Member studios.  We approve the Teacher Trainings that meet our standards (see below). If your training is seeking approval, please first review our standards below, and if your program meets ALL the criteria, please email us and apply for approval before training begins.  (**Retroactive approvals can be requested for an additional fee)

Are You Looking for an OHYA Approved Teacher Training?

More and more studios and potential teachers are looking for the OHYA Approved Teacher Training seal as a quality standard for OHY Teachers.  Make sure the training you are looking into has the OHYA Approved Teacher Training seal, and that they are in good standing with OHYA so you can  join the OHYA Teacher Directory and work toward your OHYT Level 1 seal.  You can only join the OHYA Teacher Directory if you have completed an OHYA Approved Training.  (Or, join as a Certified Bikram Teacher with a photo of your Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Certificate)

OHYA has an agreement with all OHYA Approved TT in good standing, that everyone who graduates from an OHYA Approved Teacher training with a graduation certificate, joins the OHYA Teacher Directory as an Intern.  (Fees are paid up front to your training, and the training pays your fees to join the week of your training to OHYA so you can get your welcome letter and link to join upon graduation. Renewals are the responsibility of the teacher)

Completing Your Internship and Earning Your Level 1 OHYT
(Original Hot Yoga Teacher) Seal

All OHYA Teacher Directory Interns must complete their internship by completing the 2 forms received when you get your OHYA Teacher Directory listing confirmed as an Intern.

The Class Recorder, Interns self-record the dates of their first 75 classes and have their qualified studio owner sign it, along with the Certificate of Standards form that is also filled out by a qualified studio owner after taking a class from the Intern that shows OHYA they can teach an effective OHY Class.

Search in Our Event Calendar for a list of OHYA Approved Training’s

Please check out our Event Calendar to view our upcoming OHYA Approved Teacher Trainings.  There are a variety of both immersive and longer form trainings and many of our studio members host their own.

We hope that you can find a good fit for your lifestyle and schedule and keep in mind taking an OHYA Approved Teacher Training requires a serious commitment of your time and energy, and it is the responsibility of the trainee to research teaching and employment opportunities before taking a teacher training.

Please view our Event Calendar and email us any questions

Approval for Teacher Training through OHYA

Are you an OHYA Studio Member Looking To Get Approval as an OHYA Approved Teacher Training?

Please read below to view all the standards and hours required for approval by OHYA.

1. Your studio is a member of the OHYA Studio Directory in full standing

2. You are registered in the OHYA Teacher Directory (Level 2 or 3) ,

3. If you are an OHYA Teacher Directory Level 2 or Level 3 teacher and want to host a training at an OHYA Studio Member. All trainings must be hosted by an OHYA Active Member Studio), please also email for an application.

Please review the standards below, and if you have followed these steps, please email OHYA for an application at

We believe that every Teacher Training should be conducted in a supportive and non-threatening environment. If you experience any form of abuse or any other form of inappropriate contact, please contact the police and email us to file a report.

Teacher Training Standards

Please read the standards for each category below, and if your training meets the standards, please email OHYA for an application at

There is a $299 non-refundable fee to process your application. Your application requires filling out several forms that show that your program meets all of the hours and standards for approval. It also has you sign a final form the confirms your responsibilities to remain approved including getting payment up front for all your trainees to join upon graduation to become interns.

Once your training is approved, we will send you the OHYA Approved Teacher Training seal to use on all your marketing and graduation certificates. We also send you a copy of our Standardized Instruction, (Dialog), Suggested topics for AnatomyPosture Clinics and Professional Development

Please start by reviewing our basic standards and then see the hours needed for approval:

1 – The host studio is a member of the OHYA Studio Directory.

2 – The studio owner/lead teacher of the training, is a member of the OHYA Teacher Directory of Level 2 or higher, preferably Level 3 or 10 years teaching experience

3 – The program is 100% dedicated to the 26/2 Original Hot Yoga class. (You can’t throw in Yin, or Vinyasa)

4 – Anyone assisting the training is an OHYA Teacher Directory member of Level 2 or higher.

5 – Program must be submitted to OHYA by filling out our Approved Teacher Training application showing the minimum hours will be met, along with all of the above standards.

6 – Minimum standards must be met in the categories laid out by OHYA with the topics covered to meet the minimum hours. (see below)

7 – Everyone must sign a final statement agreeing to all the standards including the agreement that all graduates are paid to join the OHYA Teacher Directory by the training, and our code of ethics.

8 – The instructional cueing used fits OHYA standards of instruction in the spirit of Original Hot Yoga in that it is clear, simple, and precise to allow easy integration into OHYA studios and with colleagues that teach in the original format. Any dialogue that is not the original dialogue or THE OHYA Standardized Instruction must be approved by the OHYA Board.

**The Original Hot Yoga Association is not affiliated in any way with Bikram Choudhury or any of his events including seminars and teacher training’s.**

Required Hours for Approved Training of the OHYA

  • Posture Lab and Teaching Skills: 150 Hours*
  • Anatomy & Physiology: (20-40 hours) minimum
    topics sent upon approval*
  • Yoga Practice: (81-110 hours)*
  • Professional Development (10 Hours)*

Total minimum-261 program (contact) hours (minimum)
Most of our programs exceed these hours. 
(*in person Contact Hours during training)


Internships are not part of training.  All trainees are responsible for finding their own teaching and internship opportunities.  There is no guarantee to finding employment or internships after training, so please do your own due diligence in advance to have realistic expectations.

You must complete your internship to earn an OHYT Level 1 seal.  There is no time limit,(just not LESS than 6 months)  Interns can take as long as they need.

When Interns Join the OHYA Teacher Directory, they are given 2 forms.

  1. The Class Recorder -al l Interns self record their first 75 classes. (most should be 90 minutes, some can be 60 minute)  -A qualifying teacher must sign this form, preferably an OHYA Studio Owner.  (email us for clarification)
  2. The Certificate of Standards: Once an Intern has taught 75 classes and gotten feedback to learn and grow to become and effective OHY Teacher, they ask their qualified studio owner to take their class and sign this form. Once these are sent back to OHYA, Interns earn and receive their Level 1 seal and move on the the Public Teacher List at our next update.

Support for Internships:  OHYA encourages all graduates to join our OHYA Teacher Facebook page where you can seek internship opportunities at OHYA Studios.

OHYA Approved Teacher Training Code of Ethics for Leaders and Trainees

OHYA Code Of Ethics

OHYA Approved Teacher Trainings are integral to the vision of OHYA and ensure our member studios have qualified teachers for the future to carry on our lineage, and uphold our integrity and mission. To qualify and maintain status as an OHYA Approved Teacher Training, purveyors must promote and embody our Code of Ethics. Any grievances will be investigated and failure to comply or resolve will result in loss of status.

OHYA Leaders and Trainers Code Of Ethics

  1. OHYA does not tolerate any verbal, physical, or psychological abuse.
  2. OHYA Approved Teacher Training is a professional environment. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, and discrimination.
  3. Training leaders and lead teachers must demonstrate: respect, humility, compassion, strength, and support.
  4. Communication and expectations must be clear and timely to help attendees successfully complete training.
  5. Timelines must be clear and definitive. Training leaders must designate a cut-off for registration that allows trainees sufficient time to complete pre-training study and preparation. Last-minute applications must not be accommodated.
  6. Training leaders will communicate expectations for graduation clearly to trainees and provide additional assistance early if there is any doubt concerning achieving commencement. Assistance can include, but is not limited to: one-on-one help, assigning a mentor, and working to determine new study techniques that will help each individual succeed.  In addition, Training leaders must provide formal assessments at 50% and 75% of training commencement indicating progress toward a successful completion.

OHYA Teacher Trainee Code Of Ethics

  1.     OHYA does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, discrimination, or abuse. Trainees will uphold the OHYA Code of Ethics and treat all others with respect and courtesy.
  2.     Trainees will do their due diligence to understand timelines and expectations of teacher training and ensure that they are prepared and equipped to complete these expectations. This includes the fortitude to complete large amounts of work, preparation, practice, and studying.
  3.     Trainees will complete all required pre-training work, study, reading, and memorization so they can bring their best to the teacher training experience.
  4.     Trainees will arrive at training open to constructive feedback and personal growth. Teacher training can be an incredibly transformative experience and being open with a growth mindset is the clearest path to transformation.
  5.     Trainees will advocate for themselves and seek extra help, support, tutoring, and mentoring from training leaders when they encounter roadblocks in learning.
  6.     Trainees will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of themselves or others, and agree to report any abuse or behavior outside of our Code of Ethics using the form below.
  7.     Trainees will commit to learning to be a part of the success of their mentor studio.  Trainees who are not on path to graduate will be given a formal written assessment and will complete the work needed to graduate.*
    *Except in the case when a trainee is only auditing for their own personal growth and doesn’t intend to earn a graduation certificate or to join the OHYA Teacher Directory.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy this unique and special time in your life to dig deep into your own personal growth by learning about yourself and how you can change the world and the lives of others lives by sharing the Original Hot Yoga Practice.

Violation of Ethics Codes-Actions and Processes

To File an Ethics complaint against an OHYA Approved Teacher Training Program, please fill out our Ethics Complaint form with a detailed account of your complaint
(link to google form goes here, then this line get deleted)

Be prepared to offer the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Name of the Approved Teacher Training Program, Program Location, and the LEAD teacher in charge of the program
  3. What is the Ethics code violation being reported. Please include as many specific details as possible to understand and evaluate your complaint.
  4. Please describe the facts of the Ethics Code violation and include any written documentation that supports the complaint.
  5. Please provide your best contact number should we need to discuss the information provided.
  6. Please note: Any complaint will be shared with the training program, unless you specifically ask for privacy for 30 days. After that, if needed, complaints will be shared with the training.

Ethics Complaint Process

OHYA will take all complaints seriously.  OHYA will contact you with questions and clarifications and then call the training to discuss the situation.  If there is any miscommunication, OHYA will work to help resolve issues.  If the reported issue cannot be resolved, the issue will be brought to the board of OHYA for discussion and possible termination of Approved Teacher Training status.

**Please note, OHYA is not involved in collecting money from or for teacher training and we have no involvement in a teacher training’s refund process or policy.  We can assist in mediating reasonable complaints regarding refunds if our Code of Ethics has been breached.


File Your Ethics Complaint to OHYA