Endorsed Teacher Training

Endorsed Teacher Trainings by OHYA

The OHYA wants to help our community find the best next generation of Teacher Trainings to support our community of Original Hot Yoga studios around the world. The following trainings are endorsed by the OHYA because they meet the high standards set out by the OHYA to achieve this seal. All of the following trainings meet the following criteria:

  • They are dedicated and focus solely on the 26 & 2 taught in the original series as taught by the series creator.
  • The directors of the training are Certified Bikram Yoga teachers who have reached Level 2 and usually Level 3 status in the Original Hot Yoga Teacher directory.
  • Most of the staff and leaders of lectures and/or Asana Clinic are also level 2 and level 3 teachers.
  • The trainings include a minimum of 450-500 hours from categories set out by the OHYA.
  • All our trainings set out a high standard of expectations for both during and after training so teachers receive the support they need to teach effective Original Hot Yoga classes.

Endorsed Teacher Training Calendar

April 22 - July 22, 2017 - True Yoga Hot Yoga

Lead by Helena Monica

Stockton, California

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May 20 - June 30, 2017 - Raja Yoga Academy

Lead by Craig Villani

West Palm Beach,Florida

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July 5 - August 12 2017 - The Yoga Factory

Lead by Zeb Homison and Phil & Emily Vendemmia

Pittsburgh, Penn.

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August 25-September 23, 2017 - 105F Training

Lead by Gianna Purcell

Pura Vida, Costa Rica

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Required Hours for Endorsed Training of the OHYA

Posture Lab and Teaching Skills (minimum 180, max 320)


This category covers but is not limited to the following:

  • Practicing Dialog with feedback/constructive criticism
  • Learning effective use of voice, energy, inflection, projection, passion, personality etc.
  • Working on technique for delivering meaningful and dialog
  • Teaching therapy with the 26&2
  • Modifications and benefits for those injured or limited in ability or any ranges of motion.
  • Giving corrections and modifications
  • Setting a good example in class
  • Addressing individual needs within a group setting
  • How to help new students in class
  • Biomechanics of the postures in the 26&2
  • Helping students who are overheated and dizzy/getting heat stroke
  • CPR and Heat Exhaustion Expertise
  • Yoga Therapy within the 26 postures
Anatomy and Physiology: (20-50 hours)

Often taught by expert in their field, this topic relates to the anatomy of the body and developing a basic understanding of the skeletal muscular groups and major functions and systems of the body. (A maximum of 20 non-contact hours are allowed.)


Philosophy: (0-60 hours)

Learning the 8 limbs of yoga, history of yoga, and reading/studying some of the Vedic texts. (25 non-contact hours are allowed.)


Yoga Practice: (100-120 hours)

A deep understanding of the 26 & 2 series is a foundation to becoming an effective teacher.   Regular practice before, during and after training are critical to development of an Original Hot Yoga Teacher.


Group Study of the Dialog (0-30 hours)

A maximum of 40 hours is allowed for an immersion training when teacher trainers spend time with their classmates learning and practicing dialog.


Internship (20-40 hours)
Internships are a mandatory part of the Endorsed Teacher Training process and to get your Original Hot Yoga Teacher Seal. All teachers registered with OHYA need to teach 75 classes (in a minimum of 6 months) and receive feedback for opportunities to grow and improve and to become more effective. All teachers from Endorsed Trainings must also complete the “Certificate of Standard” by a studio owner or Level 2 or 3 teachers that regularly takes the teachers class.