june, 2022

01jun7:26 pm05(jun 5)7:26 pm5 Days of Advanced PracticeContinuing Education - Gianna Purcell - The Classical 84 Asana Advanced Practice

Event Details

The Classical 84 Asana Advanced practice was shared with us by Bikram Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves. Bikram was trained by Shree Bishnu Charan Ghosh, founder of the Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India. Bishni Ghosh trained at the Ranchi School for Boys, founded by his older brother, Pramahansa Yogananda, who you may know from the Self Realization Fellowship and/or as the writer of Autobiography of a Yogi. It is said that Yogananda practiced physical practice with his colleague Swami Sivananda Saraswati whose philosophies infuse the asana and meditation practices you may practice with us at the Siddhi School of Yoga. Sivananda’s teachings originate from Yogi Matsyendranath who is said to be the first human teacher of Hatha Yoga. His chief disciple, Gorakhnath, was said to be the guru to Yogi Swatmarama (even though they lived in different centuries), who was the author of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that the main objective of Hath Yoga is to create balance inactivity, physical processes, mind, and energy to bring a call to awakening which is responsible for the evolution of human consciousness.

The classical 84 asana series has been an elusive practice to many. For years, we would flock to Bikram and Emmy to nerd out on this series. Since the fall of headquarters and the divide of the community, the wisdom of this practice has been scattered. Some schools continue to teach this series once a week, some have lost momentum altogether. This is why I believe a week straight of this practice is in order. Together, we will dive back into the ins and outs of this asana, ways to prepare for them and keep a sense of humor and gratitude for our efforts.

Over the course of five days, we will break down main asana groupings using different MFR practices, functional patterning, and asana during a rudimentary hour session. Then journey through the, often 2.5-hour asana practice.

For those practicing in Tucson in person, we will be at Yoga Oasis. This will be done in a warm room, not in a Bikram hot yoga room. The goal is not to get as dehydrated and warm as possible because of an outside source just to get close to a pose. The goal is to use the body to warm up and be sure it is ready to receive the shape. We want to feel different by the end of the five days, not haggard.

  • Online attendance exchange $340.00
  • Includes all 10 class recordings
  • Single day recordings are available for $70
  • In person exchange $500 which includes
  • All 10 classes
  • Course materials
  • One family meal together
  • One hike including transportation (there will most likely be water to swim in)
  • Single-day drop-ins are available for $100


  • When:June 1 – June 5
  • Where:Yoga Oasis Central
    2631 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719
  • Online over zoom Schedule: Wed 6/1 – Friday 6/39-10am prep series 11am-1:30 84 asanas Saturday 6/45:45am meet at yoga oasis for hike 7 falls 3pm prep series 5pm 84 asanas Sunday 6/59-10am prep series11am-1:30 84 asanas 5pm family dinner at Postinos

*When looking for airbnb’s, look in 85719. We are within walking distance of grocery stores and plenty of food. There are several Airbnb locations in this area, especially in June.

*Please schedule a covid test prior to your arrival. a negative covid test is required no more than 72 hours prior to our time together.



1 (Wednesday) 7:26 pm - 5 (Sunday) 7:26 pm


Siddhi School of Yoga

2631 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85719 United States