Original Hot Yoga Association Studio Directory

A directory of Original Hot Yoga Studios.

 The Studio Directory

The OHYA Studio Directory helps students, teachers and Original Hot Yoga seekers find REAL Original Hot Yoga studios around the globe

All OHYA member studios meet the following minimum standards:

  1. The studio owner is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, or a graduate of an OHYA Approved training who has completed their Internship and earned a Level 1 seal*.
  2. At least 10%  of the classes are 90 Minute Original Hot Yoga classes taught by Certified Bikram teachers or OHYA Approved Teacher Training graduates.
    (OHYA does monitor what else studios teach, so please check out their websites for an exact class listing.)
    Everyone on our directory meets these 2 criteria.  If you want to submit your studio to the OHYA Studio Directory, please view our “Criteria To Join” for more information and fees and use the blue buttons below to submit your application.  

Apply to Join the OHYA Studio Directory

OHYA is the leading industry source for finding Original Hot Yoga Studios, Teachers, Trainings and Continuing education.  List your Original Hot Yoga Studio in the OHYA Studio Directory and join the revolution to move our community forward by making sure our students, teachers and future students can access Original Hot Yoga.

Criteria to join the OHYA Studio Directory

We would love to have your studio on the OHYA studio directory if your studio meets our criteria for membership.

  1. The studio owner is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, or a graduate of an OHYA Approved training who has completed their Internship and earned a Level 1 seal*.
  2. Your studio teaches Original Hot Yoga (90 minute) by Certified Bikram teachers or OHYA Approved TT graduates.  We do not monitor what else you teach, (any number of complementary classes) or if you offer 60 minute or 75 minute versions of the 26& 2. 
     Everyone on our directory meets these 2 criteria. The cost to join is a registration fee of $199, plus an annual fee starting year 2 of $50/year . This price also includes activating your listing in the OHYA Studio Directory and our OHYA mobile App.  For an additional list of benefits please click here. Submit your studio info below and email any questions to Val  at: ohyassn@gmail.com. (*OHYA reserves the right to make any exception they see appropriate in any given situation.)

Bikram Yoga Southern Pines

Type 2 Contact: Karen Frye
Home 190 Bell Avenue Southern Pines North Carolina 28387 United States Phone: 9102462007 Established: July 13, 2013 Website: Bikram Yoga Southern Pines
State: North Carolina

Bikram Yoga Upper Valley

Type 2 Contact: Maeghan Finnigan
Home 1011 North Main St Unit 5 White River Junction Vermont 05001 Phone: 6038605497 Established: December 1, 2010 Website: www.bikramuv.com
State: Vermont

Bikram Yoga Venice Beach

Type 2 Contact: Challyn Marie Markray
Home 2903 Washington Blvd Los Angeles Venice Beach California 90292 United StatesHome 518 Pier Ave Los Angeles Hermosa Beach Ca 90254 United StatesHome CA 90292 Phone: (310) 821-3638 Phone: (310) 318-2647 Phone: 3107702718 Established: October 11, 2016 Established: October 11, 2016 Website: Bikram Yoga
State: California

BIKRAM yoga Walnut Creek

Studio Type 1 Contact: Virginia Lam
Home 2021 my Diablo blvd Walnut creek California 94596 Usa Phone: 9259446546 Established: November 30, 2008
State: California

Bikram Yoga Yorktown Heights

Type 1 Contact: Jane Kartsch
Home 37 Triangle Center Yorktown Heights New York 10598 USA Phone: 914 245 5405 Established: April 29, 2006 Website: http://www.bikramyogayorktownheights.com/
State: New York

Blaze Yoga and Pilates

Studio Type 2 Contact: Sara Curry
Home 800 Islington Street 10C Rockingham Portsmouth New Hampshire 03801 USA Phone: 603-430-6222 Established: October 1, 2002 Website: Blaze Yoga and Pilates
State: New Hampshire

Blaze Yoga Lancaster

Home 533 Janet Ave Lancaster Lancaster Pennsylvania 17601 United States Phone: 7179517657 Established: March 1, 2018 Website: http://www.blazeyogalancaster.com
State: Pennsylvania

Bode NYC – FLT

Type 2 Contact: Donna Rubin
Home 182 5th Ave New York New York 10010 Phone: 212-206-9400 Established: July 19, 1999 Website: Bikram Yoga NYC
State: New York

Bode NYC – UES

Type 2 Contact: Donna Rubin
Home 173 E 83rd St New York New York 10003 Phone: 212-288-9642 Established: July 19, 1999 Website: Bikram Yoga NYC
State: New York

Bode NYC – UWS

Type 2 Contact: Donna Rubin
Phone: 212.-724-7303 Established: July 19, 1999 Website: Bikram Yoga NYC
State: New York

Body Yoga Roseville

Type 1 Contact: Kathryn Body
Home 1310 Blue Oaks Blvd, Suite 200 Roseville California 95678 Phone: 916-784-9642 Established: January 1, 2011 Website: yogaroseville.com
State: California

Bones2Skin Hot Yoga

1 Contact: Jamey DeMyer
Home 1006 Commons Dr N Onslow Jacksonville North Carolina 28546 United States Phone: 443-989-8143 Established: April 4, 2014 Website: Bones2Skin Hot Yoga
State: North Carolina

Boulder Bikram Yoga

Type 2 Contact: Radha Garcia
Home 3035 Sterling Circle Suite A Boulder Colorado 80301 USA Phone: (303) 473-9003 Established: January 26, 1994 Website: Boulder Bikram Yoga
State: Colorado

Breathe Hot Yoga

Type 2 Contact: Amber Borgomainerio
Home 2720 4th Ave Suite 115 Seattle Washington 98121 USA Phone: 206-682-2949 Website: Breathe Hot Yoga
State: Washington

Breathing Dragon Yoga

Type 2 Contact: Mori dadgari
Home 50 Vreeland Drive Suites 7 & 8 Skillman New Jersey 08558 USA Phone: 609-497-YOGA (9642) Established: December 21, 2013 Website: Breathing Dragon Yoga
State: New Jersey

Brick Canvas Fitness

Contact: Shelli Gardner
Home 2455 Executive Parkway Utah Lehi Utah 84043 United States Phone: 801-407-8640 Established: August 1, 2012 Website: Brick Canvas Fitness
State: Utah


Type 2 Contact: Kat Kelley-Chung
Home 6935 Oakland Mills Road Suite L (like \\\”Love\\\”) Howard Columbia Maryland 21045 United States Phone: 410.381.1866 Established: November 10, 2007 Website: The Hot BYC|YOGA26
State: Maryland

Byhb Hotbox

1 Contact: Sheelagh O’Connor
Home 10 rue des Pres L-8039 Strassen Luxembourg L-8039 Luxembourg Phone: 00352 621295430 Established: September 19, 2016
State: - Europe

Cape Coral Yoga & Pilates

Studio Type 2 Contact: Heather Miller
Home 1202 SE 8th Place Lee CAPE CORAL Florida 33990 United States of America Phone: 239-541-8253 Established: April 27, 2019 Website: http://wwww.capecoralyoga.com
State: Uncategorized

Destin Hot Yoga

Studio Type 2 Contact: Tracey Sledge
Home 11275 Emerald Coast Parkway Unit 9 Walton Miramar Beach FL 32550 USA Phone: 8505476133 Established: September 9, 2010 Website: Destin Hot Yoga
State: Florida