Original Hot Yoga Association Studio Directory

A directory of Original Hot Yoga Studios.

 The Studio Directory

The OHYA Studio Directory helps students, teachers and Original Hot Yoga seekers find REAL Original Hot Yoga studios around the globe.

All OHYA member studios meet the following minimum standards:

  1. The studio owner is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, or a graduate of an OHYA Approved training who has completed their Internship and earned a Level 1 seal*.
  2. At least 10% of the classes are 90 Minute Original Hot Yoga classes taught by Certified Bikram teachers or OHYA Approved Teacher Training graduates.
    (OHYA does monitor what else studios teach, so please check out their websites for an exact class listing.)

Apply to Join the OHYA Studio Directory

The rate to join the OHYA Studio Directory is $249 with annual renewals starting year 2 of $50/year.

OHYA is the leading industry source for finding Original Hot Yoga Studios, Teachers, Trainings and Continuing education. If your studio qualifies under our standards listed here, you can join the OHYA Studio Directory and join the revolution to move our community forward by making sure our students, teachers and future students can access Original Hot Yoga.

OHYA Studio Directory


Contact: Michelle Leonard
Home 3 Rue Campagne Première Paris 75014 France Phone: 33 1 42 79 93 51 Established: September 21, 2012 Website: Yoga Garden Paris Website: Yoga Garden Paris
State: - Europe

Yoga Hell Petaluma

Studio Type 2 Contact: Lynn Whitlow
Home 1484 Petaluma Blvd N Petaluma California 94952 United States Phone: 707-775-2400 Established: February 5, 2010 Website: Bikram Yoga Petaluma
State: California

Yoga in the Lanes

Type 2 Contact: Bridgett Ane Goddard
Home 67 Middle Street East Sussex Brighton BN3 5PB UK Phone: 01273 933320 Established: February 22, 2010 Website: http://yogainthelanes.com
State: - Europe


Type 1 Contact: Dan Markowitz
Home 362 Main Avenue Fairfield Norwalk CT 06850 USA Phone: 203-957-3120 Phone: 914-282-5673 Phone: 914-948-0336 Established: October 15, 2020 Website: YogaSol
State: Connecticut


Contact: Jenifer Ruschell
Home 1073 West Broad Street Suite 213 Falls Church Virginia 22046 United States Phone: 703-532-9642 Established: March 1, 2019 Website: YogaSteady
State: Virginia


Contact: Jackie and Mark de Oliveira
Home 1201 N. Tioga Street Tompkins Ithaca New York 14850 Phone: 607 288-2481 Website: YogOdyssey
State: New York