OHYA Certified Bikram Teacher Directory

A yoga teacher registry strictly for Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers.

Welcome to the OHYA directory for Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers.

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The Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher Directory is exclusively for those who have completed Bikram’s 500 plus hour teacher training.  To register your certificate and apply for this directory, you must have taught at least 75 classes for a minimum of 6 months.

To register, please click here. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be directed to our shopping cart. The regular cost to join is $99, but for a limited time only we are offering an early bird registration special. Sign up for only $75 with the coupon code: earlybird before 2/28/17 and you’ll save 25% on your membership. (Valid for 3 years, with a renewal rate of only $50)


Once your registration has been reviewed and approved, you’ll gain access to the entire directory and be sent links to both our private FB group and our official Level 1 seal to use for your personal marketing purposes. If you believe you are qualified for Level 2 or Level 3 status, you can log into your account once approved and click on “advancing levels” to apply for Level 2 or Level 3 status.

We are excited to Unite, Support and Promote
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  • Received a Certificate from Bikram’s Teacher Training and taught 75 classes and a minimum of 6 months.
  • Completed an internship at their home or neighboring studio that encompassed what they learned at training and applied it to teaching in a studio setting.
  • Have maintained their recertification every 3 years or 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years. (self-reported until 12/2017 when more regulations may come into place.)
  • Membership and fees valid for 3 years from registration. To maintain membership, members must update their listings every 3 years and enter their 30 hours of continuing education to maintain their certificate in good standing and to meet the standards that any state may impose. (details of qualifying education, click here)
  • Meets the same criteria as the yoga alliance for validation.


  • Level 2 or Experienced E-Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher.

  • Completed all requirements from Level 1.

  • 5 years of teaching minimum AND taught 1500 classes.

  • Maintained recertification every 3 years from Bikram and/or maintained 30  hours every 3 years of furthering education in The Original Hot Yoga lineage. Approved teachers for furthering education listed on our site. 

  • Level 2 Credentials can be added to your profile by clicking the edit gear gear in your membership profle.

  • After adding your credentials in your profile please submit for approval to the OHYA executive team. 

  • Level 2 teachers are qualified to co- lead an endorsed Teacher training and teach continuing education classes



  • Level 3 or Senior S-Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

  • Completed the requirements for Level 1 and 2

  • Maintained further education requirement every 3 years

  • Completed consistent teaching for 12 years AND taught a minimum of 3000 classes

  • Level 3 Credentials can be added to your profile by clicking the edit gear gear in your membership profle.

  • After adding your credentials in your profile please submit for approval to the OHYA executive team. 

  • Further confirmation may be requested

Uniting our community of Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers and strengthening our association to advocate for our standing in the greater yoga community.

Join Today If You Want…

  • To be part of a recognized community that endorses the highly trained teachers who have competed Bikram’s 500+ hour program.
  • The support of an association whose standards meet or exceed those of Yoga Alliance ensuring you, as a member, should qualify for a grandfather clause that protects against any changes in state legislations or regulations on yoga teachers.
  • Permission to access and use the trademarked Original Hot Yoga seal on any and all marketing materials, giving instant credibility to your studio and your teaching qualifications.
  • A free way to connect to your original hot yoga community – we never sell our lists, and our directory is only accessible to certified Bikram teachers.
  • To reconnect with your old roommate or long-lost dialogue partner from training. (once a member, simply search for their name)
  • To be the first to know about continuing education seminars offered by senior teachers and authorized studios to complete your furthering education requirements. (30 hours every 3 years)
  • Stay in the loop on retreats, workshops and further education programs offered by Original Hot Yoga members

Cost to join is $99, good for 3 years.
Each 3 year renewal is only $50.

To renew your listing, you will need to complete 30 hours of qualifying continuing education requirements.
(Details coming soon.)