Welcome to OHYA

The mission of OHYA is to preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga by creating and upholding standards and resources for studios, teachers, classes and teacher trainings

OHYA is your resource to find our studios, Approved Teacher trainings, continuing education, seminars and workshops, and so much more.

OHYA Has Been Uniting, Supporting and Promoting our Community for Over 5 Years

Starting march 1st 2022, our very reasonable fees will have slight increases. Thanks for your understanding and support of OHYA!

Studio Members

New Listings
Through 2/1/2022 – $199

Teacher Members

New Listings
Through 2/1/2022 and teachers
joining through Approved Trainings, $99

Our Studio Owners are the pioneers who are the soul and backbone of this community.  Plus, with our Approved Teacher Trainings, OHYA is ensuring our continued success by training the next generation of OHYA Teachers.

The OHYA Teacher Directory gives our teachers the support of a professional Association that validates their hard earned teaching certificates.

OHYA is your one stop tool to connect you to our community.

Preferred Partners

View our curated list of Preferred Partners. These are mostly small and some larger software companies that are selected because they understand the needs of hot yoga studios.