Approved Teacher Training


Approval for Teacher Training through OHYA
and Joining the OHYA Teacher Directory

OHYA is committed to unite, support and promote Original Hot Yoga. (sometimes referred to or commonly known as the 26 & 2 method) One of our primary goals is to support the next generation of Teacher Trainings that are committed to the standards we’ve established to create highly trained teachers that can excel and easily integrate into our studios.

Before a Teacher Training is approved by OHYA, it is reviewed to meet the minimum standards as laid out by the categories and minimum hours below. In addition, the trainings approved by OHYA are committed to their graduates completing internships at their home studios and joining OHYA to further unite our community. The OHYA partner studios are committed to hiring teachers who have graduated from OHYA approved trainings, completed their internship and received their Level 1 seal in the OHYA Teacher Directory.


Specific Standards and guidelines for Approval by OHYA:

We believe that every Teacher Training should be conducted in a supportive and non-threating environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any forms of sexual harassment, abuse or other purposefully disruptive behaviors. Should you experience any of these at any of the trainings approved by OHYA, immediately contact the local police and email us to file a report.

If you are not sure whether the teacher training you graduated from qualifies you to apply to the OHYA Teacher Directory, please email for clarification or more information.  Some teacher training programs qualify if you complete an additional bridge program approved by OHYA. Please email us for more information and clarification.

Looking for Approval for your training by OHYA?

Please read the standards below, and if you think your training qualifies, please email OHYA for an application at Have questions about who we approve if you are a looking for a TT? Email us at OHYA reserves the right to make exceptions to when the situation is appropriate.

Bikram’s Teacher Training

OHYA recognizes Bikram Choudhury’s Teacher Training prepares individuals to teach a 90-minute Original Hot Class. Graduates from this program can join OHYA after completing their internship and other requirements of membership. OHYA no longer recommends Bikram Choudhury’s Teacher Training. OHYA is not affiliated with Bikram’s training, International headquarters, or Bikram Choudhury. For more information, email OHYA at

Specific Standards and guidelines for Approval by OHYA
  • Teacher Training (TT) is led by a registered Level 3 Teacher in the OHYA Teacher Directory* who meets the following requirements:
    • Is seen as a leader in the Original Hot Yoga Community and has the experience and history of developing and mentoring teachers,
    • previously mentored and developed Original Hot Yoga teachers,
    • Is seen to have a high level of integrity and dedication to the 26 & 2 method. The intent of the training is to create teachers that are prepared to teach at any Original Hot Yoga school in our Community, not just the local school training them.
  • The Yoga School that hosts the TT is a member of the OHYA Studio Directory
  • The TT sets a standard for all graduates to complete their 75-class internship at their home studio and then to get their studio owner or other qualified Instructors to complete the Certificate of Standards so the graduates can join the OHYA Teacher Directory. The TT must have a point of contact at the trainee’s studio to ensure they have support upon returning from training or to seek alternatives for mentorship to assure their internship is completed.
  • The training is 100% dedicated to developing teachers to teach a 90 minute 26 & 2 class. The TT must also be open to all students and actively advertised to local studios to ensure it is open to all that qualify.
  • The dialog is simple and intended to teach beginners or anyone in class. The dialog is the foundation of any Original Hot yoga Class. It must effective communicate how to set up and perform the poses, and seamlessly integrate with historical dialogue utilized by Certified Bikram Yoga teachers.
  • A primary focus is on learning and speaking effective dialog with an authentic voice and an ability to connect with students in their class
  • The TT must invite other Level 2 and Level 3 teachers to enrich the experience of all the trainees.
  • The training meets the standards and minimum hours for each category as laid out below. The total training hours are a minimum of 400 hours and could involve over 500 hours in total. .
  • The TT must adopt a “safe place policy” that is keeping with the OHYA standards of a “zero tolerance policy for any forms of sexual harassment, abuse or other purposefully disruptive behaviors”. Failure to maintain or enforce this policy by the TT could lead to the TT losing the endorsement of OHYA.
  • OYA retains the right to audit endorsed TT for compliance and completion of standards presented to OHYA for endorsement.

*OHYA reserves the right to make exceptions to the stated policies when the extenuating situations are warranted.

Approved Teacher Training


Teacher Training

Please Click Here to view our current list of Approved Teacher Trainings for more information on future dates, locations and and schedules. In the past, all Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers attended an intensive 9 week training.

For further information, please email OHYA directly at

If you want your teacher training to have recognition outside your local studio, OHYA highly recommends you attend an OHYA Approved Training. The only way to join the OHYA Teacher Directory* with all their added benefits, is to attend an OHYA Approved Training. (All Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher also qualify to join.

Level 1 seals are sent after joining and teaching a minimum of 75 classes in 6-12 months.)

OHYA recommends Teacher Training that are immersive allowing you to devote your time, energy and passion to learning to teach an effective Original Hot Yoga Class and immerse yourself in the process.  The following trainings are immersive trainings and the most recommended by OHYA. 

Looking for Approval for your training by OHYA?

Please read the standards for each category below, and if your training meets the standards, please email OHYA for an application at There is a $99 non-refundable fee to process your application.

Looking for an Approved Teacher Training? Please email us for a list at

Required Hours for Approved Training of the OHYA

Posture Lab and Teaching Skills (minimum 150, max 320)


This category covers but is not limited to the following:

  • Practicing Dialog with feedback/constructive criticism
  • Learning effective use of voice, energy, inflection, projection, passion, personality etc.
  • Working on technique for delivering meaningful and dialog
  • Teaching therapy with the 26&2
  • Modifications and benefits for those injured or limited in ability or any ranges of motion.
  • Giving corrections and modifications
  • Setting a good example in class
  • Addressing individual needs within a group setting
  • How to help new students in class
  • Biomechanics of the postures in the 26&2
  • Helping students who are overheated and dizzy/getting heat stroke
  • CPR and Heat Exhaustion Expertise
  • Yoga Therapy within the 26 postures
Anatomy and Physiology: (20-30 hours)
Often taught by expert in their field, this topic relates to the anatomy of the body and developing a basic understanding of the skeletal muscular groups and major functions and systems of the body. (A maximum of 20 non-contact hours are allowed.)


Philosophy: (0-60 hours)
Learning the 8 limbs of yoga, history of yoga, and reading/studying some of the Vedic texts. (25 non-contact hours are allowed.)



Yoga Practice: (80-110 hours)
A deep understanding of the 26 & 2 series is a foundation to becoming an effective teacher.   Regular practice before, during and after training are critical to development of an Original Hot Yoga Teacher.


Group Study of the Dialog (0-40 hours)
A maximum of 40 hours is allowed for an immersion training when teacher trainers spend time with their classmates learning and practicing dialog.


Personal Development/Business Development (minimum 10, max 40)
This category includes but is not limited to:
Presenting yourself professional and capably in class
Managing group dynamics for the benefit of everyone in the room
Ethics (opening studios with fair mileage, not stealing students etc)
how to sign in a class at the desk using your studios software

Importance of being part of your studios business even if you are an independent contractor

Identifying why you love to teach and practice yoga
Making sure your class is as inclusive as possible

Internship (20-40 hours)
Internships are a mandatory part of the Endorsed Teacher Training process and to get your Original Hot Yoga Teacher Seal. All teachers registered with OHYA need to teach 75 classes (in a minimum of 6 months) and receive feedback for opportunities to grow and improve and to become more effective. All teachers from Endorsed Trainings must also complete the “Certificate of Standard” by a studio owner or Level 2 or 3 teachers that regularly takes the teachers class.