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Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education is a cornerstone of The Original Hot Yoga Association. OHYA Teachers must earn 30 hours of continuing education (CE) every 3 years from their registration date to stay in compliance with OHYA’s standards for teachers.  While all continuing education is beneficial for personal growth, the vision of OHYA Continuing is to have teachers invest time in learning, reviewing and improving OHYA teaching for an effective, simple and ultimately universally relevant Original Hot Yoga class that improves the lives of our students.

Continuing Education is therefore focused on easily implemented, streamlined content that is in the spirit of the Original Yoga Class.  The focus of OHYA continuing Education and OHYA Sponsored Continuing Education are that the teaching material integrates well into our existing member studios and OHY classes currently being taught worldwide.   While CE can also mean a deeper understanding and personal applications to a teachers practice, the focus is to further develop a teachers understanding and delivery of an effective class for everyone.

The Continuing Education material should apply both to beginners with limited knowledge who require simple yet effective instruction, as well as to experienced teachers who wish to preserve the foundation of the original series.

Moving forward in 2022, OHYA is looking to support and promote approved Continuing Education teachers that actively teach and practice OHY in OHYA Studios.

OHYA continuing Education Programs Virtually on Zoom

OHYA would love to host regular Continuing Ed programs on zoom to offer our teachers a virtual way to earn Continuing Ed credit and reconnect to teaching effective classes.

If you are an OHYA Approved Continuing Ed teacher (or Level 2 teacher in the OHYA Teacher Directory qualified to teach Con. Ed) You can now apply to host an OHYA Continuing Ed Virtual Program
OHYA Teachers will pay a fee to join and the Continuing Ed teacher will be compensated. (More details in the approval process)

Please apply using this link below and be prepared with the following information:
• The event information including the title, requested dates and times
• Your information is current in the OHYA Teacher Directory or ask us for help.
• Photo of yourself, or in a posture, or teaching we can use to promote the event.

We wil get back to you or email us with questions. ohyateachers@gmail.com
**As a clarification, OHYA Continuing Education topics should refrain from highly individualized, subjective interpretations that are confusing to the students in the yoga room

Continuing Education Approval

To submit approval for Continuing Education please request to “advance levels” in your OHYA Teacher Directory profile or send an email to ohyateachers@gmail.com.  (We only approve our OHYA Teacher members for Continuing Education)

Educational Categories

The following two Educational Categories are considered for approved hours. All teachers must do 25 hours combined in these first 2 categories:

    Asana & Biomechanics (AB) Topics include but are not limited to: asana and pranayama, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics of postures, specific posture tips, modifications, corrections, understanding yoga postures and the physical body.

      Teaching Skills (TS) Topics include but are not limited to: communication skills, group dynamics, time management, voice, observing, assisting students, delivering dialogue effectively, communicating benefits, demonstrating, room management, heat management, modifications & adjustments, delivering corrections. This category includes practical applications, mentoring, and feedback at the studio level.

        Personal Development (5 hours max): includes other personal growth from experts in their field including intermediate/advanced workshops or Teacher trainings, progressive classes like arm balancing/handstands, philosophy books etc that contribute to the knowledge and growth of any teacher.