OHYA Teacher Directory Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education is a cornerstone of The Original Hot Yoga Association. OHYA Teachers must earn 30 hours of continuing education (CE) every 3 years from their registration date to stay in compliance with OHYA’s standards for teachers. All continuing education is meant to enhance the knowledge and instruction of the Original Hot Yoga Class (26 & 2).

The 30 hours must come from approved teachers for continuing education and in the following categories:

  1. 30 Hours of approved workshops, seminars, clinics, and lectures.
    1. 25 hours coming from (AB) and (TS) defined below.
    2. Up to 5 hours max “personal growth” workshops and lectures (includes advanced seminars, mediation, & intermediate/advanced teacher training).
  2. A minimum of 100 classes every 3 years. (90 minute Original Hot Yoga classes)

Educational Categories

The following two Educational Categories are considered for approved hours. All teachers must do 25 hours combined in these first 2 categories:

Asana & Biomechanics (AB) Topics include but are not limited to: asana and pranayama, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics of postures, specific posture tips, modifications, corrections, understanding yoga postures and the physical body.

Teaching Skills (TS) Topics include but are not limited to: communication skills, group dynamics, time management, voice, observing, assisting students, delivering dialogue effectively, communicating benefits, demonstrating, room management, heat management, modifications & adjustments, delivering corrections. This category includes practical applications, mentoring, and feedback at the studio level.

Personal Development (5 hours max): includes other personal growth from experts in their field including intermediate/advanced workshops or Teacher trainings, progressive classes like arm balancing/handstands, philosophy books etc that contribute to the knowledge and growth of any teacher.