OHYA Preferred Partners

OHYA Preferred Partners are small businesses that have been pre-screened and curated specifically for our studios.

Software Partners



Adil Qaisrani

WellnessLiving is an all-in-one solution for your Yoga Studio! We feature email marketing, merchant processing, payroll, reputation management, robust reporting, rewards program, among other features. There are no pricey add-on fees to embed your schedule into your site, generate reviews, send emails/SMS notifications, rewards program, marketing automations and more.

Yoga Products

Inferno Hot Pilates


Gabriella Walters

Inferno Hot Pilates is a 60 minute fitness class in a room heated to 95 degrees and 40% humidity. Our headquarters is located in Las Vegas and is owned and operated by Gabi Walters, master instructor and creator of Inferno Hot Pilates. Since 2014, Gabi has trained over 1,500 instructors and launched Inferno Hot Pilates in over 150 studios around the world.

Yoga Clothing

Shakti Active Wear

Shakti Active Wear

Ana Bugarim Santos

Have you had a chance to check out our new collection? We are receiving great feedback on our new prints and styles!

As a loyal Shakti customer we wanted to say Thank You! Please use the discount code ShaktiVIP19 on your next order of $350 or more for 15% off! This code is valid until March 1 2019.

Yoga Products

Kulae Inc.


Eileen Ward

Kulae Yoga specializes in eco-friendly yoga products and accessories, specifically for hot yoga. Our mats are great for studios because they are odor-free, easy to clean and quick-drying.  We offer various thicknesses to cater to your studio flooring. We take great pride in bringing communities together and living by our mantra, #realgoodkarma.


Superieur Electrolytes

Superieur Electrolytes

Seth Bovio

We are turning the electrolyte category upside Right!

We focus on plant minerals and sea minerals not the so-called “plant based” ingredients we see that are actually synthetically made or manufactured and/or highly processed with harsh alcohols.

Software Partners



Geoff Eobstel and Stacia Paoli

Perkville is a customer reward platform – similar to the airline mile programs – but for health clubs and studios. Perkville is easy to use, provides great support, has a deep integration with their scheduling system and integrates with CRM, app, and survey tools.

Business Services

Pixality Design

Pixality Design

Connie Holen

Pixality Design is a boutique web design agency that specializes in helping yoga and fitness studios tame the tech of studio ownership to attract and retain more clients online. Connie Holen is a Certified Mindbody Business Consultant and Authorized Squarespace Trainer. Pixality can help you create a beautiful website that offers prospects an easy way to become clients.

Software Partners



Luc Chase

Everything you need to run your studio(s) in one place. Seamless scheduling. Communicate/automate marketing campaigns; sms, email and in-app. Design effective referral and reward programs. Create your own community and community feed. Video-on-demand, analytics and custom reporting, payroll, point of sale, etc. Full onboarding and dedicated support every step of the way.

Business Insurance

Terry Davis Insurance Agency Inc

Terry Davis- State Farm

Terry Davis

The Davis Agency has been serving the yoga/wellness industry for over 35 years. We practice yoga, we live yoga and we completely understand the very special needs of today’s yoga studios and teachers. Please email or drop us a line.

Software Partners

Walla Software


Laura Munkholm

Walla is a modern studio management platform for boutique fitness studios. We support brick and mortar, virtual, and hybrid studios. We created Walla because we believe small studios deserve a high end software that supports them where they are, and where they’re going. 

Software Partners



Sagar Babber

Gleantap helps yoga studios engage customers through automated & manual outreach via text & email and drive more conversions, referrals, reviews & upsells. You work hard to acquire new members, we help you keep them and drive more value from each one through our AI-enabled platform.


Santosha Solutions

Santosha Solutions

Carolyn Cummins

I am a business coach with a passion to help others discover their destiny and purpose with the ultimate goal of finding happiness in the pursuit of success. I am a previous hot yoga studio manager and hot yoga studio owner. With more than 25 years of management, sales, and people experience in multiple industries from retail, corporate America to yoga studios, I have a unique perspective on business and marketing. 

Business Services

YogiVal Budgeting Guru


Val Sklar Robinson

Discover Budgeting BLI$$ by Reclaiming laying out your income and expenses in both a detailed and long view to stay on track with making sure YOU get paid and to proactively make the right decisions on when to invest and when to cut expenses. Start with your Customized Budgeting Guru Epic Spreadsheet

Yoga Products


Shop Ufit

Jami Zimmerman
Jami – Ufit

We are a Los Angeles based wholesale company providing top quality yoga towels to studios and stores all over the country. We specialize in custom branding and offer a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Anatomy For OHY TT

Anatomy and Physiology
for Hot Yoga

Nicole Critelli

in 2015 I received my bachelor of science and nursing degree. I solidified my knowledge and understanding of how important physiology is when teaching hot yoga. I have created a fun way to learn anatomy and physiology. So students and teacher trainees can be confident in their understanding of the body.